Adams Beverages, Inc. Chooses The Cirrus Semi-Automated Case Picking System

We are pleased to announce that Adams Beverages, Inc. in Charlotte, NC has just signed with Cirrus Tech to implement the Cirrus Semi-Automated Case Picking System. This newest signing marks Cirrus’ 12th beverage distributor automation system. The semi-automated case picking system will be a combination of load builders in a two-high pick module picking medium to slower moving cases and load builders picking the highest volume cases conventionally in a shortened pick path. The conventional pickers will finish their high volume picks and then go to the downlines to top off their pallet of orders that were picked in the system. The product will be waiting for them as it has already been picked by the load builders in the pick module. Cirrus Tech was first to market in 2019 in the beverage industry with this semi-automated case picking system. We are excited to have Adams Beverages, Inc. as our newest partner in warehouse automation.  


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