Our team of seasoned professionals and problem solvers work alongside our customers as active partners. Working closely with every customer on every project, we are guided by the 6 C’s that form the foundation of our company:


We are consultative in our approach when providing guidance and recommendations to our customers and prospective clients. We believe in the right blend of automation and common sense.  Our consultative approach will always be to recommend what makes the most common sense and business sense to our customers and prospective clients. We will not recommend a solution if it doesn’t give you the ROI and doesn’t make sense for the future of your business operations.


We provide high quality software and fully integrated automated solutions and we customize our solutions to the way our customers do business.


Throughout the sales cycle and implementation process, our team will provide open communication with our customers and prospective clients. During every implementation, we assign a project manager who will lead the communication effort with our customers. You can also expect the same level of open communication throughout our ongoing support.


During the sales and implementation process, there are times when you need to have candid conversations with customers and prospective clients. As a part of an open dialogue of communication, it is necessary to speak candidly with one another to move the project forward with the main goal in mind to provide the best possible solutions and implementations to our customers.


We will not leave a project until the project has been completed and signed off by our customer. The bottom line is we don’t leave until the job is done. Implementing a high quality solution is successful when all appropriate personnel are trained in all the key areas and are able to operate the solution without our interaction.


Cirrus Tech, Inc. is committed to having solid partnerships with our customers by earning their trust, understanding their needs and honoring our commitments to deliver high quality solutions, implementations and support.


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