As a total solutions provider and comprehensive integrator of material handling systems for 20 years, we offer world-class products, services and 24/7/365 support to customers across many industries. Whether it’s product retrieval, maximizing storage, optimizing material flow, reducing logistics costs, product rotation, real-time inventory management, or fulfilling orders more efficiently, Cirrus Tech, Inc. has sustainable, best-in-class, fully automated hardware and software solutions that can be scaled to fit any warehouse or distribution center environment.


With Cirrus Tech’s Higher Levels of Automation (HLA), distributors will be able to automate their entire warehouse at once or choose to automate certain functions in the warehouse in phases to maximize the return of investment (ROI) and provide the most optimal business plan for their warehouse of the future.

The newest Cirrus Crane System Video at Wilsbach Distributors in Harrisburg, PA. In this comprehensive video, Frank Sourbeer Jr. discusses why he chose the Crane System for Phase 1 automation and his Phase 2 plan to put in an automated case picking system. Click here to read our Wilsbach case study.

This is the Cirrus Crane System Video at Eagle Distributing in Fremont, NE. Learn how it made sense for a 2M case a year distributor to put in automation for their warehouse.

Cirrus has automated systems in six Miller-Coors distributors. The video above is of The Cirrus Crane System at J.J. Taylor Distributing Florida, Inc. in Fort Myers, Florida. Click here to learn more about The Cirrus Crane System.

Cirrus has automated systems in seven Anheuser-Busch distributors. The above video showcases The Cirrus Automated Case Picking System installed at Eagle Rock Distributing Company in Norcross, Georgia. Click here to learn more about The Cirrus Automated Case Picking System.


Cirrus Tech designed the first ever Cirrus Crane System for the beverage distribution industry for Eagle Distributing of Shreveport (EDS) in Shreveport, LA in the Fall of 2012. The SKU proliferation combined with brand acquisitions caused the EDS warehouse to reach warehouse capacity. Cirrus designed an ASRS (automated storage and retrieval system) that also provided automatic product replenishment. This innovative solution resulted in a system that saved EDS from having to build an expansion, created more room in the warehouse to better organize their inventory and allowed the company to set up a pick path that included static pick locations at the bottom of the system. These static pick locations were automatically replenished by the Crane System creating a more efficient way to pick and replenish high volume SKUs. The Crane System is still providing EDS with substantial operational efficiencies today.

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Cirrus Tech will be Attending The 2024 NBWA Legislative Conference April 14th – 17th in Washington, D.C.

Cirrus Tech, The Leader in Beer Distributor Automation, will be Attending The 2024 NBWA Legislative Conference April 14th - 17th in Washington, D.C. We are excited to be going to the conference and meeting everyone there!

Cirrus Tech will be attending the 2024 BevCap Management Best Practices Workshop in Frisco, TX from April 7th – April 9th.

Cirrus Tech will be attending the 2024 BevCap Management Best Practices Workshop in Frisco, TX from April 7th - April 9th. We are excited to be a part of this event and look forward to seeing everyone there!


By choosing “The Crane” ASRS System from Cirrus Tech, we have gained efficiencies through our entire warehouse; how we receive, rotate and shuffle back stock, cycle count, pick and replenish pick locations.  The real surprise was the efficiencies gained on the load building side. Cirrus Tech’s “Crane,” Cirrus WMS and Cirrus Directed Picking have helped us in all areas of the warehouse.

Jose Rivera

Company Name : J. J. Taylor Companies, Inc.
Designation : VP of Administration

Choosing Cirrus Tech to implement, manage and support our Cirrus Automated Case Picking System has turned out to be one of the best decisions we've ever made.  Cirrus Tech's commitment to partnership, coupled with their exceptional 24/7 support is best in the industry by a mile.  We are proud to be partners with Cirrus Tech.

Nick Economos

Company Name : Eagle Rock Distributing Company
Designation : President

The Cirrus Tech Crane System not only saved us from doing a costly expansion, it also helped us organize our warehouse in a manner that put efficiencies in places that we would have never realized by building a new warehouse.

Brad Nichols

Company Name : Eagle Distributing of Shreveport, Inc.
Designation : CEO

The Cirrus Tech Crane System provided our company an opportunity to consolidate an entire warehouse (Norfolk, NE) into the existing warehouse here in Fremont, NE.  It will incorporate 5 years of growth while providing less than a 5 year ROI with the efficiencies of the system.

Bruce Nelsen

Company Name : Eagle Distributing, Inc. in Nebraska
Designation : CEO

The Cirrus Crane System will increase our available pallet storage significantly. When we take into account the organization and many efficiencies the system will bring, this will be a real game changer for us in our warehouse.

Jeff Knight

Company Name : Cherokee Distributing Company
Designation : General Manager

The Crane System is the right fit for our operation. We will be able to build the expansion, place The Crane System inside of it and maximize the clear height to go 5 pallets high in the system. Because of the additional space savings, we will be able to absorb another operation into our existing building and still have optimal room for future growth. Cirrus is the industry leader in Crane System implementations in the beverage industry and we look forward to our partnership for years to come.

Rodney Long

Company Name : Long Beverage, Inc.
Designation : President

We’re confident that our new partnership with Cirrus Tech will provide critical support to the realization of our long-term strategic goals. In the near-term, the Cirrus Tech Crane System will play a key role in to our efforts to modernize our warehouse and delivery operations. As we look towards the completion of our new facility, our investment in the Crane System will result in a substantial one-time construction costs savings while providing a platform to realize impressive reoccurring annual warehouse efficiencies.

Frank Sourbeer Jr.

Company Name : Wilsbach Distributors, Inc.
Designation : President

The Cirrus System will provide our company with many years of growth along with excellent annual efficiencies that will allow us to best serve Birmingham and the surrounding areas. We are pleased to partner with a like-minded company like Cirrus Tech as partners in warehouse automation. We are looking forward to the implementation of our new system.

Louis Maisel

Company Name : Gulf Distributing Company of Birmingham
Designation : President

With Cirrus Tech's HLA approach to automation, our company is able to take advantage the best automation for our environment today (The Cirrus Tech Crane System) while giving us a vision and the ability to add components down the road that will provide our warehouse with a nearly fully automated solution. It is exciting to have a road map to full automation that we can grow into over time.

Frank B. Fuhrer III

Company Name : Frank B. Fuhrer Wholesale Company
Designation : CEO