Get the right automation to decrease touches, increase capacity, improve accuracy, and reduce labor costs.

Integrating automated systems in the warehouse is a specialty of Cirrus Tech.  We have worked in many different types  warehouse environments, therefore we have a wealth of experience in designing, installing, and supporting turnkey material handling systems for companies in all types of industries.

Our years of expertise enables us to offer our consultative approach to all of our customers and perspective clients.  It also allows us to create innovative, high performance and fully automated and integrated solutions that optimize productivity, simplify operations and increase capacity which provide the fuel for operational profitability.


For us to implement a turnkey automated solution it must first meet the right blend of Automation and Common Sense.  While all of our solutions offer have a number of advantages, we will never recommend a solution that does not make good business sense for our customers and perspective clients.


Do you want to build a high performance, more profitable warehouse?  We will provide you with customized, turnkey solutions that deliver a strong ROI.  Why Chose Cirrus Tech?  Here’s Why:

1. Custom Built

One of the main benefits of a turnkey warehouse solution from Cirrus Tech is that it is custom built to your exact requirements.

2. Increase throughPut and Accuracy

Improved throughput and accuracy means quick and accurate delivery of products that will improve customer service and your bottom-line.

3. Clear Return On Investment

Automated turnkey solutions can provide a rapid ROI and immediate benefits to your operations.

4. Less Dependency On Labor

Our Automation systems have the ability to work 24/7/365, which will significantly reduce labor costs.

Learn how Cirrus Tech can transform your business with a Cirrus Tech Turnkey Automation Solution.

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Choosing Cirrus Tech to manage and support our entire warehouse (Automation, WMS, Wine and Keg Picking System) has turned out to be one of the best decisions we've ever made.  Cirrus Tech's commitment to partnership, coupled with their exceptional 24/7 support, has helped Eagle Rock take control of our warehouse.  We are proud to be partners with Cirrus Tech.

Nick Economos

Company Name: Eagle Rock Distributing Company
Designation: President

The Cirrus Crane System will increase our available pallet storage significantly. When we take into account the organization and many efficiencies the system will bring, this will be a real game changer for us in our warehouse.

George Sampson

Company Name: Cherokee Distributing Company
Designation: CEO

With the gravity-feed conveyor of the Cirrus Tech Crane System, it's just first in, first out...So it just eliminates all of the touching for about 70% of your product.

Chet Willey

Company Name: Chet Willey & Associates

In terms of receiving, I don't have to carry a pallet 100 feet, 200 feet.  It's just 20 feet away to getting input into our Cirrus Tech Crane System and I can input between three and four trailers at a time.

Jose Rivera

Company Name: J. J. Taylor Companies, Inc.
Designation: VP of Administration

With Cirrus Tech we will receive product and put it in a rack location - it's in the system with one touch.  The next time we touch it is for order building, and so we plan to take a minimum of four touches out of the process.  That's where the efficiency is.

Jay Martin

Company Name: J. J. Taylor Companies, Inc.
Designation: Executive VP, COO,

By choosing “The Crane” ASRS System from Cirrus Tech, we will gain efficiencies through our entire warehouse; how we receive, rotate and shuffle back stock, cycle count and replenish pick locations. The real surprise will be the efficiencies gained on the load building side. Cirrus Tech’s “Crane” and voice solutions will help us in all areas of the warehouse.

Jose Rivera

Company Name: J. J. Taylor Companies, Inc.
Designation: VP of Administration

The Cirrus Tech Crane System provided our company an opportunity to consolidate an entire warehouse (Norfolk, NE) into the existing warehouse here in Fremont, NE.  It will incorporate 5 years of growth while providing less than a 5 year ROI with the efficiencies of the system.

Bruce Nelsen

Company Name: Eagle Distributing, Inc. in Nebraska
Designation: CEO

My picking with the Cirrus Tech Directed Picking solution is at least 3 times faster and more accurate than when our employees picked orders manually using a sheet of paper.

Brad Nichols

Company Name: Eagle Distributing of Shreveport, Inc.
Designation: CEO

The Cirrus Tech Crane System not only saved us from doing a costly expansion, it also helped us organize our warehouse in a manner that put efficiencies in places that we would have never realized by building a new warehouse.

Brad Nichols

Company Name: Eagle Distributing of Shreveport, Inc.
Designation: CEO

A major advantage of the Cirrus WMS is being able to know where all of the SKU’s are at any given time.  This is especially helpful during crunch times when that rarely requested item would otherwise have to be hunted down in the warehouse.  Now, the system instantaneously tells us where to find it.

Warner Morris

Company Name: Eagle Rock Distributing Company
Designation: VP of Information and Operating Systems