In 1933, Frank Wilsbach started the business in a small uptown Harrisburg garage. It all started with Ballantine and then added a well-known supplier, Anheuser-Busch, in 1934. In 1959, Frank Wilsbach died, leaving the business to his wife, Bea. She appointed Harold Sourbeer to the president position and Bob Paul as vice-president. Up-and-coming supplier, Stroh’s Brewery, was added to the portfolio in the late 1960’s giving Wilsbach a strong base to grow the business. The Sourbeer family purchased the business in 1988 and continues to run the business today. With continued growth and the need for expansion, Wilsbach built our current facility in Harrisburg off I-83 in Susquehanna Township in 1999. Our portfolio continues to grow significantly, and we currently partner with over 45+ suppliers and represent the finest beverages from around the World.

Wilsbach Distributors